February 13, 2015

A Non Cheesy Valentine’s Day: Part II


Divert yourself from the aisles of red plastic junk. Nothing says “I am clueless” more than a generic gift. (Unless your loved one is into it- then by all means, totally ignore me!)

Does anyone watch The Middle? It’s a show about a lower-middle-class family, and I think it’s equal parts hysterical and adorable. Anyway, this week’s episode was about Valentine’s Day and how they each celebrated in their own true-to-themselves way. Frankie (the mom) and Mike (the dad) run errands at Walgreens, and while they’re there, they pick up very practical but thoughtful gifts. Back in the car, they swap shopping bags, filled with goodies for each other. Even though the gifts aren’t expensive or exotic, they totally hit the nail on the head.

There are two options I see for Valentine’s Day:

1. Get your lobster a gift that they really want. Not a gift that reflects Valentine’s Day. Just a gift. That they really want. (Be like Frankie and Mike!)

2. Pair a special treat (I usually think in terms of edibles, but hey, I’m always thinking about food) with a note reminiscent of childhood valentines.


You get me hot and bothered + hot sauce

You’re my #1 stud muffin + a batch of freshly made muffins

I’m nuts for you + a bag of some fancy nuts

You’re sweeter than honey + jar of specialty, local honey

I like you a latte + you guessed it…. a latte!

(You get the idea…)

Along the same line, you could pair a fun date night idea with a cutesy card:

You rock! + a date night at a climbing wall

You make my heart fly + a date night at a trapeze class

I’m so lucky Eiffel in love with you + this French cooking class

(Option #2 ventures into cheesy zone, but in a way that I think is really adorable.)

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, love for your four-legged furball, or something more of the romance variety, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and weekend!

(The soap pictured above cracks me up! You can find it here.)

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