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January 31, 2017

Starting a Fitness Routine with Sudio

Sudio is part of my fitness gear

Resolutions, schmemolutions. I’m all about self-improvement but I don’t think it should be dictated by a calendar. That’s totally cool if you use the new year as a push to make a change, but I’m of the school of “start where you are.” (This includes start where you are on the calendar too.)

A few months ago, I got more serious about my health, namely in the realm of fitness. It wasn’t about losing weight. I just wasn’t feeling good in my own skin and wanted to change that.

Here are a few things that have made getting into a fitness routine a lot of fun.

Make it convenient

It’s a lot harder to avoid the gym if it’s on your regular route. My gym is literally between my office and my parking garage. It’s great for the three days I work in the office, but not so much for the other four days of the week. I recently joined a second gym that is two minutes from my house. I justify it as being the same expense as one specialty fitness class per month. Not into paying for a membership? You can get a great workout from home!

Have a buddy

An accountability partner is a great fitness friend to have! Not wanting to let my friend down is enough to have me throwing my sneakers into a bag and heading out the door. The motivation continues once you’re together; you can use each other for an extra push and for a compliment when you’re doing great.

Make a killer playlist

Something that pumps you up, keeps you pushing ahead, and makes you want to move around. I have a ton of playlists, and I choose them based on the activity I’m doing. If it has a good beat, I want it on my list. I love using my Sudio wireless earbuds in the gym. I can go from running to stretching to the bike without being tethered to my phone. It’s especially helpful if I’m doing stretches or yoga. I don’t want to worry about getting tangled in wires or having my phone tucked somewhere into my clothing. Having bluetooth connectivity between my phone and Sudio earbuds, I can leave my phone to the side of the room and workout with no tangles!

Try something new

Go beyond the cardio machines (even though I do love my treadmill time). There are so many classes available, from cycling to a bajillion styles of yoga to aerial silks. There’s rock climbing and intramural sports teams. There are even full classes online that you can do from your living room! Not sure of where to start? Join a friend on their favorite activity. You can also try a few sessions with a personal trainer.

Get competitive

Write down your workouts. There are a bunch of different apps that you can use for this, or do it the old school way with a notebook. Log all of your workouts, no matter how short they are. They’ll add up, and you can use this as a way to push yourself a little bit further than your last workout. Many of these apps have “find a friend” option that allows you to connect to your friends to see what they’re doing and to compete with them on a specific workout.

Pat yourself on the back

Starting a new fitness routine is hard and sweaty work.

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I partnered with Sudio to create this post. I received free product, and all opinions are my own.