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December 19, 2015

Gift Guide for the Adventurer

I originally called this collection “Gift Guide for the Traveler” but it’s actually more for someone with deeply-rooted wanderlust. Making this gift guide also made me want to book a trip somewhere.I guess once and adventurer, always an adventurer… right?

Gift Guide for the AdventurerYour cords stay organized in your bag with these cord keepers.

gift guide for the adventurerMaybe it’s because I’m an east coast girl, but this California necklace seems like a sunny addition to any outfit.

gift guide for the adventurerWanderlust tote bag.

gift guide for the adventurerNo matter how far you travel, home is where the heart is. Wear your home state on your finger with this state ring.

gift guide for the adventurerWhen in doubt, say yes. (Hang this print as a reminder.)

gift guide for the adventurerAwesome field guides.

gift guide for the adventurerBump up your in-flight beverage game with this fun kit.

4f1b9a46ed98a9ce4496c9ea1d0db0a5Keep your gear dry with a waterproof bag that also stylish.

Give Back

gift guide for the adventurerA portion of these tee shirt sales goes to the National Parks Foundation to support the Glacier National Park and other national treasures.

Tell me- are you going on an adventure next year?

Gift Guide for the Young at Heart

Embracing your inner child is the best. Today’s gift guide is a collection of silly things for the young at heart. They are things that people wouldn’t spend money on for themselves, but will really enjoy.Gift Guide for the Young at HeartUnicorn hair clip. Enough said.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartA cone-shaped dish for flowers or candy or whatever you want.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartSilly key chain. There are lots of sayings.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartEmoji stickers.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartG.I. Joes get an OM makeover.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartLet everyone know you have dance skillz with this Drake pin.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartThis cactus bag tag.

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartA giant Pez dispenser.

Stocking Stuffers*

Gift Guide for the Young at HeartGlitter picture frame for your desk.

2feb18c8da6bf4fc12a7c60767613fa5An indulgent candy bar.

5a06878d5620021532725cb2e766f547A playful drink sleeve.

* Reminder: The stocking stuffer category is for items $10 and under. However, there are a ton on this list that would work in this category if you bump up your spending limit.