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June 16, 2015

One Tray, Five Ways

Hi everyone- I’ve teamed up with some fabulous local bloggers to bring you new content while I am under a big deadline at the day job! I hope you enjoy this, and be sure to check out these ladies’ blogs as well! First up is Alexis from SouthEndStyle!

Coffee Table Picture

Hey, y’all! I’m Alexis from SouthEndStyle– a Boston-based lifestyle blog, specializing in interior design & travel. When Jess asked me to write a guest post for Champagne Thursday, I was thrilled! I love her style, so naturally I was excited to be a part of her blog. I hope you enjoy today’s post.

Being recent transplant from Georgia to Boston, one of the most difficult adjustments has been space. Or should I say, lack thereof?! Going from a 1,500 > 500 square foot home has quite the challenges: luckily, I am quite a minimalist so I try to own items I truly only need (apart from the white & gold ram head on my wall. Goldie is a MUST!). One thing I’ve mastered is the art of versatility- there are so many items that can be used in multiple ways around the home. Enter: the tray. I have 3 fabulous trays- two clear, one gold. They are all beautiful, functional, versatile & space savers.

Here are 5 ways I’m using the trays in my home: continue reading

February 5, 2015

Fancy Words

Jan 28 2015 - Stovetop Granola -  005

I love me a good quote. I pin those bad boys like it’s my job. Funny ones, motivational ones, emotional ones. Quotes about clothes, quotes about love, quotes about Taco Tuesday.

I was so happy when I got to work with local artist Stephanie Krist, who is the force behind Letters From Rita, on a custom hand-lettered piece! It was hard picking from my vast personal library of quotes, but I finally settled on one by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It came out beautifully! I go on a mini mental vacation just looking at it. Sunshine, salt water, what else do you need? The print is residing on my bar car, with a candle that smells like summer. When I get home after a long commute, with icy fingers and toes, the words help cheer me up.

This quote makes me so happy, and I’m thinking of adding some more around the house. Lucky for all of us, Stephanie is offering $5 off your first print before June 1st with the code BLOG15. HUZZAH.

Head over to her Etsy shop for more hand-lettered goodness!

A huge thank you to Stephanie for this piece!

Frame: Ikea

January 27, 2015

Copper Copper Everywhere


KitchenAid mixer / small bowl / pendant light / square mirror / terrarium / wire basket / mug / canister set / pans / candle / napkin ring / bookend / mixing bowls / box

Oh metallics. You are definitely here to stay. I used to be all about silver, then gold, and now that copper has a strong foothold in design/decor, I am having a hard time picking a number one. Good news is that they all play really well together! (That, and the design mafia isn’t coming to get me based on my opinion. Phew!)

There are a ton of ways to add copper in your house. I found a ton of cool things for the kitchen, from a KitchenAid mixer to napkin rings. Less common, but still equally stylish, are copper accents around the rest of the house. I like the idea of adding copper pulls to drawers or a hint of metallic on a bookshelf with book ends. The copper mirror and candle are small but have big impact.

Come back tomorrow for a quick and easy metallic DIY!

December 24, 2014

Joy to Everything

Everyone needs a little lovin’ around Christmastime… (From the best holiday album ever, Snowed In by Hanson. Oh don’t give me that face.)


Picture (clockwise): Streets in the South End decorated; making salt dough present tags; cranberry thyme champagne cocktail


Clockwise: Doug and I in NYC last week; cookies; enjoying a weird wine coozy while in a Christmas sweater; mini nutcrackers perched on a picture frame


Nothing but the best iPhone photography for the blog!

I hope everyone has a happy everything. I am a Christmas celebrator, so I’ll be off for the next few days, hanging out with family and eating my weight in cheese.

Joy to everything!

November 24, 2014

Gift Guide: The Gracious Hostess

Happy Monday! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am! I’ve hosted for the past two years, and this year we’re headed to my in-laws’ house. I love having everyone over, but there’s so much to do and I can’t say that I’m sad about relinquishing the responsibility this year.

Gifting season is almost in full swing, so I thought it would be appropos to start with a host(ess) gift guide! Showing up empty-handed is just a no-no, so below are a few options that are easily customizable to reflect the tastes of the hosts.



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15


If the hostess drinks, she will love this. I like to forgo a boring wine bag and tie up the bottle in a dishcloth. Double the gifts!

Leave-Behind Serving Dish

If you offered to bring a dish for the party, why not bring it on something the hostess can keep? Cookies in a pottery dish, roasted nuts in a pretty bowl,  you get the idea. Make sure to leave a note on the bottom of the dish indicating that the dish is theirs to keep (they’ll find it when they’re cleaning up).

An Upgraded Candle

Candles can be a little boring, so step up your game. Why not treat her to something a little more luxurious than what she may buy for herself, like a Diptique candle or one in a beautiful container.

Coaster + Bottle Opener

I have found countless cool options for these two items. From modern to chic to cheeky to minimal- these two items can be found in a style to suit any taste.

Miscellaneous Pretty Do-Dads

Something thoughtful to say thanks for being crazy enough to throw a party and nice enough to invite you!

I started a Pinterest board to keep track of the fun stuff I find, because this list is by no means the end of great gifts for a hostess. Follow along here.