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August 21, 2014

The Non-Bride at BHLDN

Proof you don’t need to be getting married to enjoy the bounty at BHLDN!


When I went to an event held at BHLDN’s new Chestnut Hill store, I was prepared for pretty things that I couldn’t ever use (aka- wedding dresses). I wasn’t ready for how many things that would work for the non-bride-to-be!

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January 29, 2014

Valentine’s Day Prep


I dislike Valentine’s Day. It’s an exclusionary holiday, no matter your circumstances. When you’re single, you feel like you’ve accidentally stumbled into a rom-com montage scene.  If you’re with someone, there’s an expectation of some grand gesture even after you’ve said how you don’t want anything/aren’t expecting anything.

It’s a holiday that lets you down for no reason.

Instead of joining the masses and going out for dinner, we are staying in. I love dining out, but would rather go when we can linger over our meal without worrying about the next set of love-birds hungrily waiting for our table.

1. Homebodies, unite!

2. Festive PJ pants. Add saucy underthings at your own risk.

3. Wine ice cream because duh.

4 and 5. Don’t forget about your girlfriends! Add a pretty bow to these notepads and pencils for cute Valentines.

January 22, 2014

Light My Fire

Light 'em up up up

Light ’em up up up

I love candles. I was a die-hard Yankee Candle fan for a long time. My favorite scent, Sunwashed Linen, was discontinued a few years ago and my stash has finally run out. (Yes, my stockpile lasted few years. I take my hoarding seriously!)

Since being forced from a tried-and-true favorite, I’ve found a few that are so pretty, it’s hard not to be excited about them.

1. Maybe I’ve seen too many white candles in my life, but I’m really drawn to black candles lately.

2. I don’t even care how this Tom Dixon candle smells! With the brass container and marble lid, it would be a beautiful addition to any surface. (It has a lovely florally/herbal smell, fwiw.)

3. The polka dots and typography had me at hello.

4. Another black candle! The lavender scent is calming and it’s made locally (Salem, MA).