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March 10, 2017

Day of WELLness

Boston Day of WELLness champagne thursday boston blogger

Self care. It’s so easy to overlook while you’re running around, putting out fires, and dealing with your ‘to do’ list. Basically, just tackling the craziness of everyday life can be overwhelming. Healthy habits slip can take a backseat as you hustle from one thing to another.

It’s all fun and games until you’re fundamentally exhausted –  emotionally, mentally, physically.

I am so happy to be working the the team behind W.E.L.L. Summit to share the word about their upcoming gathering, Day of WELLness.

They’re hosting a full-day event on March 18th at the Wyndham Beacon Hill. The event will take a 360-degree view of wellness, tackling everything from responsible eating to financial health to better sleep. There are a ton of small panels and workshops (see the full line up here), as well as acupuncture and yoga.

I’m so excited for the breakout sessions. I know from firsthand experience that a couple of the speakers are really awesome, so by proxy, I am positive the other speakers will be fantastic.

They’re keeping up our energy with some delicious healthy eats throughout the day. There will be an overnight oats with superfood toppings DIY bar from Thirst Juice Co to start the day with, along with snacks, a custom tea bar, and my favorite almond milk by Nectar & Green.

Every attendee gets to take home a swag-bag filled with goodies to enjoy at home.

Whether you’re looking to start a healthy foundation or to reset some practices that may have slipped, there will be something for everyone here.

Don’t you think this sounds like a great day? Me to. Head over to the site to grab your ticket. Use code ‘Thursday’ to save $20! I can’t wait to see you there.

Boston Day of WELLness champagne thursday boston blogger

January 31, 2017

Starting a Fitness Routine with Sudio

Sudio is part of my fitness gear

Resolutions, schmemolutions. I’m all about self-improvement but I don’t think it should be dictated by a calendar. That’s totally cool if you use the new year as a push to make a change, but I’m of the school of “start where you are.” (This includes start where you are on the calendar too.)

A few months ago, I got more serious about my health, namely in the realm of fitness. It wasn’t about losing weight. I just wasn’t feeling good in my own skin and wanted to change that.

Here are a few things that have made getting into a fitness routine a lot of fun.

Make it convenient

It’s a lot harder to avoid the gym if it’s on your regular route. My gym is literally between my office and my parking garage. It’s great for the three days I work in the office, but not so much for the other four days of the week. I recently joined a second gym that is two minutes from my house. I justify it as being the same expense as one specialty fitness class per month. Not into paying for a membership? You can get a great workout from home!

Have a buddy

An accountability partner is a great fitness friend to have! Not wanting to let my friend down is enough to have me throwing my sneakers into a bag and heading out the door. The motivation continues once you’re together; you can use each other for an extra push and for a compliment when you’re doing great.

Make a killer playlist

Something that pumps you up, keeps you pushing ahead, and makes you want to move around. I have a ton of playlists, and I choose them based on the activity I’m doing. If it has a good beat, I want it on my list. I love using my Sudio wireless earbuds in the gym. I can go from running to stretching to the bike without being tethered to my phone. It’s especially helpful if I’m doing stretches or yoga. I don’t want to worry about getting tangled in wires or having my phone tucked somewhere into my clothing. Having bluetooth connectivity between my phone and Sudio earbuds, I can leave my phone to the side of the room and workout with no tangles!

Try something new

Go beyond the cardio machines (even though I do love my treadmill time). There are so many classes available, from cycling to a bajillion styles of yoga to aerial silks. There’s rock climbing and intramural sports teams. There are even full classes online that you can do from your living room! Not sure of where to start? Join a friend on their favorite activity. You can also try a few sessions with a personal trainer.

Get competitive

Write down your workouts. There are a bunch of different apps that you can use for this, or do it the old school way with a notebook. Log all of your workouts, no matter how short they are. They’ll add up, and you can use this as a way to push yourself a little bit further than your last workout. Many of these apps have “find a friend” option that allows you to connect to your friends to see what they’re doing and to compete with them on a specific workout.

Pat yourself on the back

Starting a new fitness routine is hard and sweaty work.

Sudio is offering 15% off your order – use the code champagnethursday at checkout!

I partnered with Sudio to create this post. I received free product, and all opinions are my own.

May 25, 2016

Me, Woo, and My Tattoo

While in California, I had the coolest experience. The. Coolest.

champagne thursday tattoo dr. woo los angeles shamrock social club

I got a tattoo at Shamrock Social Club by the one-and-only Dr. Woo.

I’ve loved his work for so long, and double-tap on every one of his Instagram posts. His client list is wildly impressive, and if you aren’t familiar with his work, please immediately click here and spend the next hour being amazed by his skills.

Oh hi, you’re back. Amazing, right?!

When my dad died, I knew that I wanted to get a tattoo in memory of him and the only person I wanted to do it was Dr. Woo. Appointments are difficult to get, but after four hours and over one thousand calls, I had an appointment for April 20th. (Please note: I made the appointment in early October. Yeah. That far in advance.)

April 20th rolled around and I was so so so excited and nervous. We showed up way too early, had pizza and beer down the block to kill time, and then super casually tried to take pictures in front of Shamrock.

champagne thursday tattoo dr. woo los angeles shamrock social club

I’m totally losing my ish. (And hello to Doug’s finger, making a cameo.)

Dr. Woo was so chill and friendly, with no trace of an inflated ego that someone with his skill and lengthy waiting list could understandably cultivate. What was most impressive was his ability to translate a couple of words into a detailed drawing. I used maybe 10 words (including abstract-ish and constellation-y) to describe what I wanted. Yet, somehow, when he was done drawing, he had nailed exactly what I was looking for.

champagne thursday tattoo dr. woo los angeles shamrock social club

The finished piece

I don’t talk about my dad much here- or anywhere- which is not to say that I don’t think about him every single day. I miss him more than words can begin to express. When I look at my arm and the paint roller shaped constellation it now bears, it makes me think of him and the stars and connectivity of everything- both seen and unseen.

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a quote that sums it up beautifully:

The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe. We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.

So yeah.

Did it hurt? No.

Did I almost pass out in the middle of the session because my blood sugar dropped suddenly? Yes. Dr. Woo said it’s actually pretty common and was really understanding about the whole thing.

Would I do this again? In a heartbeat. It was a great experience and I have a lifetime to enjoy his artwork.

No big deal but Mark Mahoney (another tattoo legend and the owner of Shamrock Social Club) complimented my jacket and we chatted for a few minutes. #brushmahshouldersoff

December 31, 2015

Bye, 2015

Instagram in 2015

my #2015bestnine – lets be InstaFraaaands (@champagne_thursday)

Oh, 2015. I have so many mixed feelings about you.

There were terrible things. There were the four weeks in February where the skies relentlessly dumped snow on us. This summer, my Pepere was in the hospital (then rehab) for a while. The biggest stomach-punch came at the end of August when my dad died unexpectedly. Most recently, Pepere passed away after a few more hospital visits and finally, hospice care.

Basically, some of my worst nightmares came true this year.

But there were still lots of good things that happened this year.

There were big good things: I traveled to new places (Jamaica and Mexico and New Orleans). I celebrated big milestones in my friends’ lives, holding their new babies and toasting to them at their weddings. There were also small good things: I took time off this summer to swim and sit in the sunshine and bum around town. I was an extra in a movie, had weekend getaways with my girlfriends, and have made some really great new friendships.

And in the darkest point, there was still unwavering, undeniable sunshine. Friends, neighbors, and family banded around us, and held our shattered pieces together while we healed. Your generous, honest love has meant so much to me, and kept me from losing myself in grief. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my (and my family’s) life.

Soooo bye to you 2015. 2016, please be gentle with me.

April 22, 2015

Earth Day 2015

Just hugging this oxygen machine. No biggie.

No big deal. Just hugging this oxygen machine.

I have been lucky to have had some really amazing roommates in my life. Lucky in the sense that we worked as roommates and as friends, and lucky that we’re still friends after they experienced first-hand the level of dedication I have toward recycling. One roommate confessed that she was afraid that I would open the trash and see her plastic water bottle sitting on the top. Rather than get upset, I should have thanked her for letting me collect bags of recyclables in the basement (our complex didn’t have recycling, so i would save it all up and bring the bags to relatives’ houses when I visited).

I’m not going to get political here, but I think we can all agree that humans do things that are not great for the Earth. While it’s not practical for all of us to ditch our cars for bikes, or install solar panels, or live a plastic-free life, there are certainly a ton of small things that we can do that add up to big changes.

– Eat less meat. Americans get plenty of protein in their diets, typically, more than they need. Incorporate Meatless Monday into your week, and you’ll make a huge impact on the Earth. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, “if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads.” And that’s just ONE MEAL. Wow. VegKitchen’s infographic turns plant-based meal planning into a no-brainer.

– Clean green. Vinegar and baking soda do wonders. Method and Mrs. Meyers are great eco-friendly brands; both are vegan and smell amazing. I’m a huge fan of the Mrs. Meyers radish scent. Check out Well Vegan’s blog for a great article with some green cleaning recipes for DIY cleaning concoctions.

– Less plastic. Yeah, I’m looking at you, you ugly plastic grocery bag. Water bottles should be next on your list. The Little House in the City and Remodelista both have some great plastic-free food storage options. Let’s face it. They are sexier than an old takeout container, and way better for you.

– Shop vintage and second-hand. A ton of our furniture is from Craigslist, and I’m not embarrassed one bit. They’re not shoddy pieces. I’m talking about Crate&Barrel, West Elm, and really cool antique pieces. For each piece that we bought from someone else, that’s one less item that needed to be manufactured, and one less item in the landfill. Same goes for clothes. Sure, you won’t find a gem every time you shop, but you can find a lot of great stuff if you look. (I found a pair of Manolos at Savers once!) Besides saving some dough, you will build a truly original home and wardrobe.

– Shop thoughtfully. Real ivory? Nah, I’m cool. There are a ton of high quality faux furs, but if you have to have a real fur, get a vintage one. Support businesses that use ethical materials, like Patagonia’s ethical goose down.

Okay, getting off my soap box now. I have to go patrol the garbage cans to make sure no one tossed a water bottle “by accident.”

(A huge thank you to Alex for indulging my crazy request, and taking the photo above!)