November 24, 2014

Gift Guide: The Gracious Hostess

Happy Monday! Are you excited for Thanksgiving? I know I am! I’ve hosted for the past two years, and this year we’re headed to my in-laws’ house. I love having everyone over, but there’s so much to do and I can’t say that I’m sad about relinquishing the responsibility this year.

Gifting season is almost in full swing, so I thought it would be appropos to start with a host(ess) gift guide! Showing up empty-handed is just a no-no, so below are a few options that are easily customizable to reflect the tastes of the hosts.



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If the hostess drinks, she will love this. I like to forgo a boring wine bag and tie up the bottle in a dishcloth. Double the gifts!

Leave-Behind Serving Dish

If you offered to bring a dish for the party, why not bring it on something the hostess can keep? Cookies in a pottery dish, roasted nuts in a pretty bowl,  you get the idea. Make sure to leave a note on the bottom of the dish indicating that the dish is theirs to keep (they’ll find it when they’re cleaning up).

An Upgraded Candle

Candles can be a little boring, so step up your game. Why not treat her to something a little more luxurious than what she may buy for herself, like a Diptique candle or one in a beautiful container.

Coaster + Bottle Opener

I have found countless cool options for these two items. From modern to chic to cheeky to minimal- these two items can be found in a style to suit any taste.

Miscellaneous Pretty Do-Dads

Something thoughtful to say thanks for being crazy enough to throw a party and nice enough to invite you!

I started a Pinterest board to keep track of the fun stuff I find, because this list is by no means the end of great gifts for a hostess. Follow along here.

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