March 9, 2017

Happy Sunday

That feeling when you forget to hit “publish” on a post! Ack. Insert embarrassed monkey face emoji here. So… what was supposed to be a Friday post is now a Sunday post! hope you all had an enjoyable weekend (but you have the whole day still ahead of you!). I’ll be spent Saturday getting brunch with a friend then hitting up a shopping event to benefit an animal shelter. Sunday I’m flying to California with my gal pal Gabby. We’ll be spending most of our time in Palm Springs, but a little time in LA too. Perfect timing to be heading to the desert because Boston is supposed to be getting snow and NO THANK YOU PLEASE.

Anywhooo I have some links of fun stuff to look at, so clickety click away and I’ll see ya back here before you know it.

Starting with the important piece – how to contact your elected officials.

Super in love with this dress. It’s pattern mixing, in lace form.

I have admired these shoes on people for years, and finally pulled the trigger on ordering my own pair. Amazon had them cheaper for my size than any of the other sites, so maybe yours will be too!

Holy crap, I need to make this popcorn right now.

Target’s home goods section is just SO good right now. I need to find a place in my house for this chair and I think I’ll be adding this lamp to the nightside tables.

Eyeballing this dress – it’s a great shape and I think would be something I would reach for time and time again. Price point is perfect too!

This card is so touching. Great message.

Work is getting kind of crazy/stressful and I think I may decorate my desk with these awesome balloons bc they make me smile and why not?

These oxfords with white dresses? Classic summer combo.

This shirt because hell yeah.

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