October 7, 2014

Jess and the Test Shot


With Doug being a photographer, weekends around here are usually filled with weddings (at least Saturdays, sometimes Saturdays AND Sundays).

I’m Doug’s assistant (and not the fun Vanna White kind, which would require a sequin dress). I’m basically the brawn of the operation. doing anything that doesn’t involve a camera – hauling lights around, setting them up, breaking them down, holding umbrellas, moving the car, avoiding photobombing anything.

I also get to do test shots (as seen above), which he features every Monday on his blog.

The wedding season is coming to a close soon, and I’ll have to take up a hobby to occupy all of this new free time!

(The dress is from Loft and it has been a wardrobe staple this summer. I’m kicking myself for not getting two- it’s such a classic piece! Shoes are from Zara from early this spring, but here’s a similar pair from Matt Bernson.)

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