August 4, 2017

Basket Bags: Under $100

Basket bags. Damn, you have really stolen my heart the summer. It’s classic Jane Birkin summer style. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Cult Gaia bag. I snagged one early this season, prior to my trip to Palm Springs. The Ark’s clean lines and architectural body has me swooning, but it’s a bit of an outlier in the group. The basket bags below have more of a casual, natural vibe.

When I went to Brimfield in July, I was on the major hunt for a vintage one. I lucked out and snagged one that I love, but not everyone can get to Brimfield. Etsy is always a great resource, as well as your local vintage and thrift stores. Make sure to check out the housewares section, because you might be surprised what is hidden in there.

So, without further ado, here are some cool basket bags and they’re all under $100!

straw basket bags jane birkin petite handheld

Classic Jane Birkin style. Enough said. (This version from Etsy is basically identical.)

basket bags straw petite handheld style

Another petite, handheld version. This looks similar to the one I found at Brimfield.

vintage straw basket bag

A little bigger is this vintage one with some straw embroidery design.

round crossbody straw rattan basket bags

This round bag is pretty cool, and has a long strap so you can wear it as a hands-free crossbody.

bohemian round straw basket bags vintage

The shape of this purse is making my heart pitter-patter. It’s neutral yet a total showstopper.

basket bags tulum colorful style

This basket bag is handheld, but has a much bigger “body.” The colors are amazing. This basket would also be great decor when you’re not using it as a purse.

basket bags free people straw tote

We’re scaling up big time with this one – it will fit everything you need for the day!

Are you into the straw basket bags this summer? Let me know!

August 2, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of the year – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! If you follow any fashion bloggers, whether you read their blogs or follow them on social media, you know about the sale already. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes from July 21st – August 6th, and they discount a ton of items. Most sales discount stuff at the end of a season, but my favorite aspect of this sale is that Nordstrom knocks down the prices of a ton of fall items. It’s a perfect time for stocking up on sweaters and jeans, as well as back-to-school shopping.

The number of items on sale is overwhelming, and you want to be a smart shopper. Reminder: just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. continue reading

August 1, 2017

My Top Five True Crime Podcasts

I have an incredibly long commute. I work in Boston’s Back Bay, but live in the ‘burbs. During rush hour, it’s a two-hour commute from my driveway to the front door of the office building. It might sound torturous (and some days, it really is), but I’ve gotten really into podcasts to pass the time. It’s a great way to be entertained and to learn about any particular topic.

I listen to a variety of subjects, so I’ll break up my recommendations by general category. Today I’m sharing with you my top five true crime podcasts.

true crime podcasts my favorite murder

My Favorite Murder

This one needs no introduction. My Favorite Murder is wildly popular, and their Facebook group has just shy of 151k members. The hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, are like your funny girlfriends that love true crime and want to chat about it with you. They are incredibly conversational, mispronounce things, make fun of themselves, normalize the discussion around mental health, stick up for sex workers, and advocate for the victims. It’s not the most somber of true crime podcasts, but they’re a lot of fun to listen to and I basically want to be their best friend.

true crime podcasts casefile

Casefile True Crime

First, the host of the podcast is Australian, and I love listening to his accent. That being said, it’s an incredibly in-depth look at a given case. The host is very respectful of the subject matter and of the people in each investigation. Each episode is a new case (with the occasional case being covered over multiple episodes).

true crime podcasts crimetown


This series was created by the same people that created HBO’s The Jinx, so you know it’s good. Each season will focus on crime in a given city, and the first season is about Providence, Rhode Island. This is true crime of a different type: it is about how organized crime and corruption shaped the city and public life. There’s the mob, crooked politicians, betrayals, and heists. I’m not quite through Season One yet, and I can’t wait to see what city they choose for Season Two.

true crime podcasts stranglers


A contemporary, in-depth investigation of the unsolved Boston Strangler murders. I learned so much about this 19-month reign of terror in the early 60s that took place in neighborhoods I walk through every day.

true crime podcasts up and vanished

Up and Vanished

An investigative podcast that looks into the disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a beauty queen and high school teacher from Georgia. This 11-year cold case has the largest case file in Georgia’s history. Host Payne Lindsey digs into old evidence with fresh eyes, as well as conducts new interviews with people involved in the case. I don’t want to spoil anything, but there are some very interesting discoveries and breakthroughs along the way.

Do you have any recommendations for new true crime podcasts? I’d love to hear your suggestions. If you’re not into true crime, not to worry because I have some other really great, really un-crime focused podcasts that I’ll be sharing with you soon!






July 20, 2017

Clean Beauty for Summertime Weddings

Summertime and wedding season are synonymous in New England. I love any excuse to get dressed up, and a wedding is a perfect occasion to do so.

However, my makeup bag needed it’s own mini-makeover. I’ve been cleaning up my skincare routine, but my clean beauty journey has barely begun. I am partnering with Follain, one of my favorite shops in Boston, to get this process jump started just in time to look my wedding-guest-best.

Here are my favorite picks… clean beauty follain

Orgaid Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask

Good makeup starts with good skin! Prep for the big day by kicking your feet up, putting on this mask, and relaxing while the Vitamin C-rich sheet mask does it’s work. Vitamin C helps to brighten and even out skin tone. It also has hyaluronic acid for plumping hydration.

Jane Iredale Mascara (in black)

I got this mascara in black, and thought that it looked really subtle. If you prefer an extremely natural look, this is also available in grey and brown. I also want to try this paired with the Jane Iredale conditioner for an even more pumped up lash look. (I haven’t tested this out against crying, so let me know if it holds up to a father-daughter dance.)

Ilia Pure Eyeliner (in Havana Affair)

I’ve been an eyeliner girl since I started wearing makeup. I usually wear liquid liner, but I figured that this old dog can learn new tricks. It is smooth and easy to apply, so consider me converted. Best part is that this eyeliner contains castor seed oil, which targets free radicals aka helps to prevent premature aging. I don’t mind smile/laugh lines but might as well keep signs of aging when you can.

Ilia Moondance Radiance Translucent Powder SPF 20

My fave fave of the bunch. Obviously, everyone knows that sunscreen is really important. Slathering on traditional creamy sunscreen on your face may feel more beach-y than wedding-ready. This portable powder can be used to keep excess oil in check as well as you from harmful UV rays. It also has a very subtle shimmer, which reads more “radiant beauty” than “preteen discovering glitter.” Serious hero product.

Hurraw! Moon Balm

Last but not least, the humble lip balm. Don’t pass this over thinking it’s just a standard old balm. Coconut butter plus a blend of avocado, coconut and jojoba oils, this packs some cray hydration but also feels really nice on your lips.Slather it on when you’re getting ready, slather it on at night. Your lips will be freakin’ smooth as buttah.

Tell me- have you incorporated clean beauty items into your makeup routine? Let me know what I should try next!


This post was in partnership with Follain. All opinions are my own. I’ve been a long-time customer of Follain, and I am happy to get a chance to work with a company that I whole-heartedly support. Read more about how they choose their products here.