January 13, 2016

Refreshed Desk Decor

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At work, we just moved to an open floor plan. Moving to a new space makes me want to refresh my desk decor, so I rounded up a few things that I’d love to add to my workspace.

There are some jazzed up practical things (like this gold stapler and binder clips) and this pineapple jar would be a stylish paperclip holder. Then there are things that I absolutely don’t need, but want… like this wooden hand and a grown-up feather pen.

Does a new space make you want to change things up too?

3 thoughts on “Refreshed Desk Decor

  1. emily | shell chic'd

    I have a weird obsession with desk supplies. But then the problem is I never want the notebooks, desk planners, ink in the pens, etc to run out, so I just let it sit there looking pretty for months on end… definitely need some of these reusable goodies 😛

  2. Lindsay S

    I have been trying to give my desk a makeover probably since I started working there. It’s been almost three years and I still can’t figure out how to make it un-cubicle like! I would love to start adding more gold elements though – makes everything look so much more high-end!



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