July 31, 2017

Fundays aka Summer Bucket List

Excuse me summer, but you are flying by WAY too fast for my taste. I haven’t done anything particularly summery yet, so this is my kick-in-the-pants list for the rest of the month.

1. See a movie outside.

There are tons of places around Boston that have free outdoor movies. Thrillist and Boston Magazine have great roundups of locations and flicks. I’m also a huge fan of the drive-in, especially because I can pack lots of snacks and the dogs…which brings me to my second point…

2. Spend more time with my dogs.

Having no kids means that my dogs are my babies. MarketStreet Lynnfield is super dog friendly. Look at how many places welcome your four-legged family member! I especially love that the list includes dog-friendly restaurants, since that can be an especially tricky one to navigate.

MarketStreet also has a great calendar of events – whether you have human babies or no babies. (I highly recommend Wahlburger’s Appy Hour.

3. Go to Walden Pond

It’s embarrassing, but I pass Walden Pond every day on my commute and I have never been. That ends this month.

4. Spend some time poolside.

My favorite places: The Colonnade (rooftop pool – you can also take an early morning yoga class here), Revere Hotel (indoor pool but they have a great bar), and Clubs at Charles River Park (chill location with an outdoor pool and there’s a Jugos pop-up stand).

5. Visit Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

Shame on me, I have never been.

6. Go to the fair (I would also settle with an old-school boardwalk).

Play some games, eat something fried. Check out the prize winning livestock. There’s something so SUMMER about fairs.

7. Go to a concert – outside if possible.

Summertime is perfect for concerts, and my one of my favorite bands (Fitz and the Tantrums) will be here this Friday. I got tickets months ago, but I totally forgot until my friend reminded me of it last week. It’s like a surprise gift to myself! LoL.

The list may be a ambitious considering how little time I have until September rolls around, but it will be fun working on it. What are your summer must-dos? Anything new you’re trying? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Fundays aka Summer Bucket List

  1. Linda

    The Gardiner is amazing. Especially if you like chairs. Plan to spend lots of time in the courtyard. I love your hair!


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