August 4, 2017

Basket Bags: Under $100

Basket bags. Damn, you have really stolen my heart the summer. It’s classic Jane Birkin summer style. I’m sure you’re familiar with the Cult Gaia bag. I snagged one early this season, prior to my trip to Palm Springs. The Ark’s clean lines and architectural body has me swooning, but it’s a bit of an outlier in the group. The basket bags below have more of a casual, natural vibe.

When I went to Brimfield in July, I was on the major hunt for a vintage one. I lucked out and snagged one that I love, but not everyone can get to Brimfield. Etsy is always a great resource, as well as your local vintage and thrift stores. Make sure to check out the housewares section, because you might be surprised what is hidden in there.

So, without further ado, here are some cool basket bags and they’re all under $100!

straw basket bags jane birkin petite handheld

Classic Jane Birkin style. Enough said. (This version from Etsy is basically identical.)

basket bags straw petite handheld style

Another petite, handheld version. This looks similar to the one I found at Brimfield.

vintage straw basket bag

A little bigger is this vintage one with some straw embroidery design.

round crossbody straw rattan basket bags

This round bag is pretty cool, and has a long strap so you can wear it as a hands-free crossbody.

bohemian round straw basket bags vintage

The shape of this purse is making my heart pitter-patter. It’s neutral yet a total showstopper.

basket bags tulum colorful style

This basket bag is handheld, but has a much bigger “body.” The colors are amazing. This basket would also be great decor when you’re not using it as a purse.

basket bags free people straw tote

We’re scaling up big time with this one – it will fit everything you need for the day!

Are you into the straw basket bags this summer? Let me know!

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