May 5, 2016

Vacation Prep with Waxing the City

waxing the city champagne thursday review boston beauty blogger

I know things have been a little quiet around here, but I was in California for two weeks so #sorrynotsorry. Life was insane before leaving, between getting as much done as I could at work (during our busy season no less) and packing and sterilizing my house (because coming home from a trip to a dirty house is the worst).

I get really anxious before going out of town, so I scheduled a mini beauty day to help calm my frantic mind. Getting my legs waxed is one of my favorite services to have done before going on vacation, and Waxing the City invited me to come in to try their services.

Waxing the City is new to Boston and new to me! They’re a head-to-toe waxing salon, and their only focus is on providing you with the best wax service. They use custom-formulated wax that not only provides gentle hair removal, but also soothes the skin. All licensed estheticians have gone through extensive training at the Denver, Colorado headquarters to ensure the highest standards of excellence.

waxing the city champagne thursday review boston beauty blogger

Front desk where you check in

Because I was in for a leg wax, my esthetician (Laurie) and I had tons of time to talk as she worked. She taught me all about hair cycles, which was entirely new to me despite the many times I’ve gotten my legs waxed. Basically, hair grows in different cycles, so it can take up to four or five waxes before the hair is all on the same growth cycle. Because of these cycles, the first wax will not be able to get all the hairs out. Shaving is not recommended between waxing appointments, so if you find a stray hair, you can pluck it.

She also told me that it’s safe for pregnant women to get waxed, as well as women who are menstruating. Sensitivity may be a higher, so she recommended taking an ibuprofen an hour before the appointment if needed.

We also had plenty of time to chat about non-waxing related topics. Laurie was really friendly and we chatted about my upcoming trip and her upcoming wedding.

After the waxing was through, she went over my legs and tweezed some hairs that didn’t get grabbed by the wax. She was very professional and efficient, but also friendly and approachable. Taking your pants off and having a stranger rip out your hair with wax could be a very unpleasant experience, but I was completely comfortable with Laurie.

waxing the city champagne thursday review boston beauty blogger

They just opened their first Boston location at 108 Beverly Street, a short walk from North Station, and there are plans for additional locations in the city. I was really impressed with the salon- from their dedication to providing the best wax service possible, to their cleanliness and friendly demeanor. By the time I left their salon, I was hair-free, relaxed, and ready for vacation!

waxing the city champagne thursday review boston beauty blogger

They carry a number of products for pre- and post-waxing skin care, including their own line of sugar scrubs.

Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary services by Waxing the City in exchange for my review. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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