February 5, 2014

Working Girl

dress: JCrew / cardigan: JCrew / necklace: JCrew / heels: Steve Madden

This week, I need to be out of the house at the crack of dawn to be able to get to work on time for day-long training sessions for my new position. An 8:30 start time doesn’t sound so brutal, but when my commute is just under two hours and is reliant on the MBTA system, I find myself waking up on the half-hour to be sure that I don’t oversleep.

My outfits will consist of easy, classic staples. A black crepe dress and a cardigan could not be a faster combination to throw on as I’m sleepwalking through my morning.

The white tights are essential too- just kidding! Those are my naturally albino-white stems. I should add black tights, so the glow from my skin doesn’t distract anyone.

And no, this was not sponsored by JCrew- I just spend too much money there apparently!

2 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Melissa

    You are going to look MUCH more put together than I am tomorrow morning…but then again, you usually do!

    P.S. I like your runway… 🙂


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