May 26, 2015

You Should Know: Trademark Tarts

Trademark Tarts dessert Justin Burke-Samson pastry chef prep

If you like things that taste good, you need to know about Justin Burke-Samson and his company, Trademark Tarts.

Justin stormed onto the culinary scene last year with his homemade poptarts. He, and friend Stephanie Cmar, partnered for a series of pop-ups featuring their baked goods. Their events were immediately popular, and would frequently sell out in under an hour.

When that series wrapped in the fall, everyone was asking what was next? For starters, Justin is expanding his offerings beyond his homemade tarts to incorporate a variety of baked goods, and most recently, savory items too

The pop-up scene is where Justin feels most at home, and his latest venture is sticking to these roots. His newest series of events is called Modern Gramma. It’s inspired by his late Gramma Carole, and the flavors of classic American recipes she prepared for him. He’s breathing new life into these flavors, and redefining the southern classics.

Doug and I attended his preview event, and got the first taste of what Modern Gramma is all about!

Troy Boston rooftop lounge

Troy Boston

We joined Justin at Troy Boston, a new apartment building in the South End. Very sleek and stylish space, if I do say so myself.

May 06 2015 - Justin Popup Grammamamama -  004

On the menu for the night: An interpretation of a s’mores with an RC Cola reduction, a melon ball salad with grilled zest cake and sour cream semifreddo, and my favorite, an Ambrosia Church Cake.

Trademark Tarts dessert Justin Burke-Samson pastry chef prep

Plating the pina colada pastry cream. I could have swam in this- it was amazing.

Trademark Tarts dessert Justin Burke-Samson pastry chef

The final Ambrosia Church Cake presentation

reinvented s'mores Trademark Tarts dessert Justin Burke-Samson pastry chef prep

Trademark Tarts reinvented s'mores dessert

He’s expanding the menu in an upcoming brunch event to include savory items. If you want in on the action, grab your tickets here. Don’t wait though; there aren’t too many left! The menu sounds great. The menu includes Maple Bacon Poptart (bourbon maple bacon jam, maple glaze), Cinnamon French Toast Salad (cinnamon toast croutons, pomegranate, bacon bits, maple vinaigrette), and California Egg in a Basket (avocado, pico de gallo, hasselback home fries) and more.

Follow Justin on Twitter and Instagram to see what he’s cooking and where’s he’ll be popping up next.

May 06 2015 - Justin Popup Grammamamama -  020

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