November 11, 2015

You Should Know: Xtend Barre

xtend barre studio class boston workout

I, admittedly, do not love to exercise. Let me clarify. I do not love to exercise if it remotely resembles anything that you would do in gym class.

However, add any kind of dance element and I am ALL ABOUT IT.

I occasionally attend a drop-in dance class, and whenever I need some serious body toning, you can find me at the nearest barre classes. There are an abundance of barre options in Boston, and I was intrigued when I heard that Xtend was coming to the neighborhood.

There are independent Xtend Barre studios all over the country, but the Newbury Street location is the first in Massachusetts. Owner Amanda Cort fell in love with the workout when living in Australia, and thanks to her newly-opened studio, us Mass-aletes can fall in love with it too.

If you’ve never been to a barre class before, it’s a low-impact workout centered around small, isometric movements designed to tone and sculpt your body. Don’t let the size of the movement fool you into thinking that it’s a small-sized workout. You are gonna feel that burn.

What sets Xtend Barre apart from the other barre classes is the inclusion of more dance elements as well as more cardio. Ten minutes in to the class, I had a nice sweat going on. We did a ton of plies, lunges, and planks. I didn’t find the rhythm of the moves too intuitive, and it kept me very focused on what was going on. Later in the class, I was so focused on the particular position (a twisted squat position) that I forgot to breathe and got really light-headed. I took a quick break to equalize, and the instructor Dannea came over to check on me. She was an awesome instructor- very friendly and bubbly, yet definitely had her eye on us and made adjustments when necessary.

While I only tried the signature Xtend Barre class, the studio also offers a variety of other classes including Xtend Suspend (which uses the TRX), Babies on Board, a post-natal Mommy and Me class, and yoga.

Thank you to Amanda for inviting me to the studio to try out a class! If you’re interested in trying out Xtend Barre, there are a ton of different access options (including two weeks of unlimited classes for $49- which is an incredible deal for new members!).

xtend barre studio class boston workout

Fabulous Boston bloggers with out instructor Dannea (in blue leggings) after class

Studio details:

Location: 338 Newbury St., 2nd Floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115

Check out the class schedule here.


Instagram: @xtendbarrenewbury


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