December 31, 2015

Bye, 2015

Instagram in 2015

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Oh, 2015. I have so many mixed feelings about you.

There were terrible things. There were the four weeks in February where the skies relentlessly dumped snow on us. This summer, my Pepere was in the hospital (then rehab) for a while. The biggest stomach-punch came at the end of August when my dad died unexpectedly. Most recently, Pepere passed away after a few more hospital visits and finally, hospice care.

Basically, some of my worst nightmares came true this year.

But there were still lots of good things that happened this year.

There were big good things: I traveled to new places (Jamaica and Mexico and New Orleans). I celebrated big milestones in my friends’ lives, holding their new babies and toasting to them at their weddings. There were also small good things: I took time off this summer to swim and sit in the sunshine and bum around town. I was an extra in a movie, had weekend getaways with my girlfriends, and have made some really great new friendships.

And in the darkest point, there was still unwavering, undeniable sunshine. Friends, neighbors, and family banded around us, and held our shattered pieces together while we healed. Your generous, honest love has meant so much to me, and kept me from losing myself in grief. I am eternally grateful for your presence in my (and my family’s) life.

Soooo bye to you 2015. 2016, please be gentle with me.

4 thoughts on “Bye, 2015

  1. Leah

    Jess – I love reading your blog posts – they’re like a little slice of vacation from everyday life. And I’m so sorry about your dad and your grandfather. Here’s to 2016. Leah 🙂


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