August 18, 2016

Newsflash: It’s Still Summer

Sleeveless shirt dress champagne thursday summer outfit boston style blogger Sleeveless shirt dress champagne thursday summer outfit boston style bloggerSleeveless shirt dress champagne thursday summer outfit boston style blogger Sleeveless shirt dress champagne thursday summer outfit boston style blogger Sleeveless shirt dress champagne thursday summer outfit boston style blogger

Dress / Bag / Sandals

A few weeks ago, I freaked out about how summer was basically almost over. But, um… newsflash to myself. August is still summer. 

It’s been crazy hot, and I’m loving it. However, it makes wanting to get dressed a little more difficult. For days that are too hot to care what you’re wearing, but you still have to go to work and be seen by colleagues and therefore must wear something other than cutoffs, I turn to dresses.

This sleeveless shirt dress is perfect for a hot day. No need to exert yourself thinking about a  top and a bottom! It also has a looser cut, so it’s not sticking to your body.

Leather slides round out this ultra easy and super simple outfit for days when your brain is melting.

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Dress: Can you believe this is from Abercrombie & Fitch?! Their offerings have really matured and I have a few pieces from this brand now. Also, the dress is on super sale right now so if it’s sold out in your size, a few similar options are here, here, and here.

Slides: Sam Edelman. Similar here, here, and here.

Bag: Similar

August 4, 2016

Nordstrom Sale


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Yeah yeah yeah. Y’all know about the Nordstrom sale. It ends August 7th, so you have a few days left to check it out! I pulled together some items that are still in stock. The only exception is the leather jacket, which keeps going out of stock. The good news is that it also restocks frequently.

This collection could have been originally titled “All the Things in Black” so I pulled in a few more items with color. I can’t help it. I love solids and black.

Some of my favorite pieces? This jacket, which is a dupe for my favorite (but very old) AllSaints wool wrap jacket. This dress has a little edge but still looks really comfortable and easy to move in. These metallic oxfords are en route to me, and this is the romper edition of my new favorite dress.

This top comes in a bunch of colors, and is a great basic for work.

I have multiple pairs of thin gold hoops, but they’re always the cheap ones that fade after a while. I’m thinking it’s time to just buy some real gold ones! (Admittedly, I also have my eye on another pair of the cheap ones – but both are on sale, so pick your poison.)

Not pictured, but just as amazing, are these over the knee boots. They’re not the gold-standard Stuart Weitzman ones, but they’re a heck of a lot cheaper and look just as good (if you ask me).

Did you hit up the Nordstrom sale? If so, tell me what you got!

Function of Beauty: Formulated for You

function of beauty custom shampoo conditioner champagne thursday boston style fashion lifestyle blogger

I’m going to let you guys on a little secret… I dye my hair. (Shocked, right?!)

To get this color, my strands are put under a ton of abuse. I try to treat my hair really well the rest of the time to counteract the damage. I avoid heat-styling, I do a heavy-duty hair mask every week, and I am always on the hunt to find hair products that will replenish moisture and strength.

When Function of Beauty reached out to me to try their shampoo and conditioner, I was intrigued. Rather than create formulas that they think people want, they let YOU create your own custom formula. There are often individual shampoos that fit a portion of my hair-care goals but nothing that tackles everything I’m looking for. Not until I created it with Function of Beauty, that is.

Their site is simple, chic, and super easy to use. First, you build your hair profile (hair texture and scalp moisture level) and then move on to select your hair goals. This is my favorite part. No longer do I have to select between color-protection and shine. I can have both! You select up to five goals, which allows you to achieve everything you’re looking for. Another favorite feature of mine is that the active ingredients and a description for the goal pops up as you click on each one. The formulas are also free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and triclosan.

After you choose the formula specifications, you choose customization options like color and scent. There are some chic scent options, like white tea jasmine and grapefruit hibiscus.

The custom formulation arrived quickly. My hair profile is for fine, wavy, normal moisture hair. The hair goals I selected are: deep condition; fix split ends; hydrate; strengthen; color protection.

I was a little afraid that I wouldn’t notice a difference in my hair after switching to my custom formulation, but I definitely did. After using the products for a week, I noticed that I had more body and that I could stretch the length of time between shampoos a little bit longer. Nothing can fix split ends like a haircut, but the ends of my tresses are noticeably smoother.

This is a really unique way to shop for hair care products. Head over to Function of Beauty to create your very own custom formulation!

Thank you to Function of Beauty for sending me free product for this post! Reviews and opinions are always my own.