November 29, 2017

Gift Guides for 2017

gift guides 2017 holiday shopping ideas

It’s that time of the year – gift guide season. I love looking at gift guides. They can be repetitive, with the same gift showing up all over the place, but every now and again something truly original pops up.

This year, I’ll be doing something a little bit different with my gift guides. Instead of categorizing them into type of people who will like it, I’ll be focusing on a type of gift. Likely, you already know what type of gift you want to give someone. This type of organization will hopefully help to steer you in the right direction!

If there’s any post to bookmark, it’ll be this one. As I add a new gift guide, I’ll add a link here. Let me know if there’s a type of gift you’re looking for. I would love to help you find that perfect something!

Gift Guides

Something to Play

Something to Read – coming soon

Something Cozy – coming soon

Something Electronic – coming soon

Keep an eye on this space for new daily gift guide links!

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