November 30, 2017

Gift of the Day: Something to Play

Get off that phone, and play something IRL with a group of friends. It’s not something that I would buy for myself, mostly because I don’t think about it until I’m itching for something interactive to do. Games are fairly inexpensive, with many clocking in under $20 for a game. You can even bundle a few together for a fun “game night” themed gift.

Classic games

The ones you grew up with, the ones that everyone knows – and probably the ones that are well-worn and sitting at your parent’s house!

Silly/new games

Some of these sound hilarious. Mix up the usual lineup with a couple of these options.

Card games

Cards are an endless source of entertainment, if you know how to play. My suggestion would be to gift a beautiful deck of cards with a book on card games so the recipient can learn a few new ones and brush up on old favorites.

Beautifully crafted game

If the gift recipient is a huge fan of a particular game, what about a gorgeous version of this game?

Here is the list of all of the other gift guides for 2017!

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