December 1, 2017

Gift of the Day: Something to Read

Books are amazing gifts because there is literally something for everyone. Here are some great titles for gifting. (Bonus points if you find a independently-owned bookstore to buy these at. My favorite choices around Boston are Brookline Booksmith and the Brattle Bookshop.)

Best Sellers

Give the reader in your family some new water-cooler chatter with the newest/hottest titles. My eye is on the new book from Ron Chernow (yeah, the guy whose previous book inspired Lin Manuel Miranda to write Hamilton) that focuses on Ulysses S. Grant.

New Edition of an Old Favorite

they have a favorite book? Try finding a different edition of it! This edition of Alice in Wonderland was illustrated by Salvador Dali, and I’m totally adding it to my own personal wish-list.

Coffee Table Book

This was my favorite category to make picks for. There are so many good ones that I was making googly-eyes at!


I should have eaten lunch before looking at these! I added some of my favs (Deb Perelman can do no wrong, and I’ve been cooking my way through Sara Forte’s newest book), as well as a few that I’ve had my eye on (hello, Cherry Bombe). This category is for all of the people who love to play in the kitchen!

Want to see the other gift guides for this holiday season? They’re all linked here.

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