November 22, 2017

Pre-Black Friday Deals

black friday 2017

So, apparently Black Friday came crazy early for like, every online retailer. Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite stores and what deals they’re having.

ANN TAYLOR // 50% Off Everything CODE: THANKFUL

ALL SAINTS // Up To 40% OFF Everything!

CLUB MONACO // 25% off $150+ / 30% off $250+ / 35% off $400 CODE: SHOPFRIDAY

FRENCH CONNECTION // 40% off everything CODE: FCBF40

J. CREW // Take 40% off everything CODE: THANKU

KIEHL’S // $20 Off $65+ CODE: JINGLE

MADEWELL // Take 25% off everything CODE: DONTSTRESS

MACY’S — Take 20% off CODE: HURRY

NORDSTROM // No code but they’re so easy to do any returns/exchanges

RAY-BAN // UP TO 50% OFF (20% off sitewide)


SHOPBOP // Get 20% off orders of $200 + .25% off orders of $500+ and 30% off orders of $800 or more with code MORE17 at Shopbop!

Happy clicking!!

PSA: Upper Glass is Your Holiday Win-Win

upper glass curated wine delivery subscription

I’m going to make a bold statement. You need a box of wine from Upper Glass.

During the holidays, there are countless occasions to gift wine or to open a bottle when guests are visiting. With your Upper Glass collection, you’ll get a box (four bottles) to ensure you always have some on hand.

Each collection has been curated by Boston’s sommeliers. Don’t expect wines that you see in the grocery stores. Instead, their picks emphasize underappreciated grape varietals, regions, and artisan producers. In highlighting some lesser-known wines, you’re getting great wine at an exceptional value.

Another interesting commonality is that lot of their winemakers tend to employ some level of natural, organic, and/or biodynamic winemaking practices.

They have a number of holiday collections coming up, and the two that I’m most excited about are PInot Stars and Spectacular Sparklers.

You also don’t have to buy one collection at a time. You can gift someone (or yourself) an Upper Glass membership two-, three- or six-month membership. Winter is long and hard and you don’t need a February snowstorm to come between you and your wine. If you’re interested in a subscription, then mark your calendar for this Monday. They’re having a Cyber Monday deal where you can get a three-month subscription for $200 ($40 savings). Purchase on Monday, November 27, via with the code CYBERWINE. Each collection includes four hand-delivered bottles in a stylish briefcase-style box, accompanied by winemaker profiles and tasting notes from the curator.

Upper Glass is the win-win-win you need for this holiday season. You have two bottles to give as gifts, a bottle to open when you have a friend over, and a bottle to enjoy when you’re Netflixing by the fire. All are expertly-picked, so you look like a total pro. (Is that a win-win-win-win?)

September 12, 2017

Summer Glow for the Fall

OH HAY. I’m back! If you haven’t seen on Instagram, I broke my elbow in the middle of August. I narrowly missed needing surgery to realign the bone, so when my orthopedist directed that I needed to significantly reduce my computer time while the initial healing took place, I listened. I actually took a medical leave from work, since it involves being on the computer all day, every day. Anyway, I’m healing well and cleared to be back on a keyboard.

While I was out of commission, everything moved from summer to this fall transition period. Admittedly, I am a super fan of summer but this late summer/early fall transition is the best of both worlds. Warm days, cool nights. Layering heaven. Patio season, with amazing sleeping weather. There’s amazing produce at the farmer’s market

A great way for mixing in some end-of-summer vibes into your look is with beauty products. Summer glow is real, even if it comes from your inner vibes and not from tanned skin. Even better, these are all clean beauty products.

ilia tinted lip conditionerRock that “I just ate a strawberry popsicle” look with a swipe of tinted lip conditioner. I love the Arabian Knights color, which wears more like a lip stain and has a perfect berry color.

This is the perfect in-between season for shorts and a light sweater. Keep your skin smooth with this amazing smelling body scrub from Indie Lee. (Seriously, that zesty coconut scent is so good!)

w3ll people bronzer clean summer beautySwipe on a little bronzer across your cheekbones and nose for a sun-kissed look to refresh those “oh, I was just on the boat this weekend” vibes. This W3ll People bronzer is a great choice for buildable and believable color. (We’ve all probably come across a bronzer that is too dark or too orange and it looks all kinds of wrong. No one needs that.)

While you’re pretending to have been on the water over the weekend, spritz in some sea salt spray for hair that matches your sunkissed (looking) skin. I like the Captain Blankenship Golden Waves shimmer spray for adding a little shine to my hair. If that is too glitzy for you, there’s also an original/non-shimmery formulation.

Last but not least is Yarok’s Feed Your Ends leave-in conditioner. Summer is hard on your hair – between extra sun exposure, chlorine, etc. During the height of the summer, I use hair masks to keep my locks hydrated, but as we transition to fall, my hair still needs some extra TLC. I like this leave-in conditioner spray, and can spray and much or as little as I need after showering. When we hit the extra dry winter air, I’ll Incorporate heavier moisturizers, but this light spray is perfect for right now.

The fall transition is inevitable, but letting go of summer doesn’t have to be! How are you extending summer?


This post was in collaboration with Follain. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting businesses that support Champagne Thursday.



August 30, 2017

Two Years

Still miss you every damn day, Dad.

I keep wanting to write a blog post about grief, about my experience with it. I put it off every time, for countless reasons. It’s not happy. It’s too hard. I have nothing new to shed light on. I’m not an expert.

Those are all terrible reasons not to do something though. My story is my story, and no one else is going to be able to tell it but me.

Today is not that day though. Right now I’m nursing my arm and my heart. I will do something small to honor his memory, and when I am ready, I will write about grief.

But today is a day of love and remembrance, in the face of loss and heartbreak.

August 4, 2017

Happy Friday

champagne thursday jess levy boston blogger

WOO, it’s Friday already! It’s been a busy but fun week, because we’re watching my mom’s dog and she’s so stinkin’ cute. It helps that my dogs love hanging out with her, and it’s been a lot of fun for all of us.

What are you up to this weekend? I’m going to a concert tonight, checking out the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum on Saturday with my aunt, and then meeting my friend’s new baby on Sunday.

Here are a few fun links for you to check out this weekend:

My love for California is well-known. This shirt really speaks to me!

I am loving these Dirty Dancing style cues.

WhoWhatWear’s fall line just dropped at Target, and I want these pants and this skirt. (Fall stuff being out means that summer stuff is now on sale, and I might scoop up this dress.)

Might have to transform some of my old clutches.

The Nordstrom sale ends on Sunday, and I’m really hoping that they restock this and this.

I’ve been itching to redo the guest room for a while. I would love to hang this print in the room!

I don’t know if this is crazy or delicious, but apparently pickles in beer is a thing. If someone has tried this, LET ME KNOW.

This pearl jacket is SO pretty.

Made this for dinner this week and it’s pretty dang good.

Why is Free People so freaking good right now?! I’m craving this jumpsuit after seeing it on a few people.

The neckline of this jumpsuit is so unique.

My favorite pair of shoes are a pair from Madewell. The almond shaped toe and the large heel make them some of the easiest to walk in shoes I own. This pair is really similar.


My five favorite true crime podcasts

What I want to do with the rest of my summer

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks (The sale ends on Sunday, and prices are back to normal on Monday.)

Have a great weekend. See you back here next week.