November 22, 2017

PSA: Upper Glass is Your Holiday Win-Win

upper glass curated wine delivery subscription

I’m going to make a bold statement. You need a box of wine from Upper Glass.

During the holidays, there are countless occasions to gift wine or to open a bottle when guests are visiting. With your Upper Glass collection, you’ll get a box (four bottles) to ensure you always have some on hand.

Each collection has been curated by Boston’s sommeliers. Don’t expect wines that you see in the grocery stores. Instead, their picks¬†emphasize underappreciated grape varietals, regions, and artisan producers. In highlighting some lesser-known wines, you’re getting great wine at an exceptional value.

Another interesting commonality is that lot of their winemakers tend to employ some level of natural, organic, and/or biodynamic winemaking practices.

They have a number of holiday collections coming up, and the two that I’m most excited about are PInot Stars and Spectacular Sparklers.

You also don’t have to buy one collection at a time. You can gift someone (or yourself) an Upper Glass membership two-, three- or six-month membership. Winter is long and hard and you don’t need a February snowstorm to come between you and your wine. If you’re interested in a subscription, then mark your calendar for this Monday. They’re having a Cyber Monday deal where you can get a three-month subscription for $200 ($40 savings). Purchase on Monday, November 27, via with the code CYBERWINE. Each collection includes four hand-delivered bottles in a stylish briefcase-style box, accompanied by winemaker profiles and tasting notes from the curator.

Upper Glass is the win-win-win you need for this holiday season. You have two bottles to give as gifts, a bottle to open when you have a friend over, and a bottle to enjoy when you’re Netflixing by the fire. All are expertly-picked, so you look like a total pro. (Is that a win-win-win-win?)

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